What is the Function Routing Table?

The function routing table is a very simple source file called X_FUNRTR (IBM i systems) or X_FUNRTR.DAT (PC based systems) that specifies how functions should be automatically routed. (Note that routed functions must all be in the same process.)

Source lines in the X_FUNRTR files can be input via standard source editors (SEU or Edit File EDTF on the IBM i or Notepad on a PC) and have this format:



where "fffffff" specifies the "from" function name and "ttttttt" specifies the "to" function name.

For example, the entries:




specify that invocations of function A should be routed to function A1, and that invocations of B678V40 should be routed to function B678V42.

Of course it is assumed that A/A1 and B678V40/B678V42 have identical entry characteristics (such as number of parameters, type of parameters, etc).