Creating a Function Routing Table

On an IBM i

1.  Decide in which library the routing table is to reside. This is normally the partition's module library. However, it is possible for the routing table to reside in a different library. If the routing table is to reside in a different library,  the *FUNRTRLIBL flag in data area DC@OSVEROP must be set and the library must be in the library list when the routing takes place.

     You can set the *FUNRTRLIBL flag via the Use function routing table from*LIBL option in Work with Execution and Security Settings.

2.  Use the command CRTSRCPF to create a standard IBM i source file named X_FUNRTR in the selected library. Add a single member called X_FUNRTR to the file.

3.  Use the command CHGOBJOWN (Change Object Owner) to change the owner of the source file just created to be the LANSA system owner (usually QOTHPRDOWN).

On a PC

There is no need to independently create this file. It will be created when you edit it, if you follow the notes for a PC in Editing a Function Routing Table.