Rules You Must Understand Before Using a Function Routing Table

            * Route all standard reports to tailored versions




            * End of routing table





Function Routing Table Verification

While all these rules may seem complex, a facility is provided that allows you to verify the contents of your FRT (Function Routing Table) after it has been updated. To use this facility you must:

The reason that the "update-verify" model has been chosen for the FRT (Function Routing Table) is simply that the load and lookup of the FRT has to be optimized for performance. This means that no effective analysis of the FRT can be performed when it is actually being used because the performance impacts would be significant.

Finally, the fatal error notification panel, used for IBM i applications notes, that function routing was in effect at the time that the application failed. This is a visual reminder that the presence and use of the FRT should be taken into account when you are trying to determine the cause of the application error.