6.2 Using Task Tracking in LANSA

To understand LANSA's Task Tracking, refer to the following topics as appropriate:

1. If you have not used task tracking, please refer to 6.1.2 Task Tracking Concepts and 6.2.1 Introduction to Task Tracking.

2. Review the 6.2.2 Approaches for using Task Tracking. This section will help you in Choose Your Task Tracking Approach.

3. Once you have selected your approach, you must perform the 6.2.3 Task Tracking Set up.

4. Review 6.2.4 What Happens When Task Tracking Is Active? and 6.2.5 Typical Development Cycle Example.

5. Finally, review 6.3 Repository Synchronization.

6. If you need to deploy objects, refer to 6.2.6 Task Tracking and Import/Export.

Remember, Task Tracking is just one part of a complete change management strategy.