4.4 Partition Initialization

To access the Partition Initialization dialog, in the Visual LANSA Logon dialog, enter your User ID and Password or select Use Windows Credentials and press the Partition Init... button before you press the OK button.

Partition initialization must be performed for each new partition created, on each PC that has its own local Repository, including slave workstations and independent workstations. Visual LANSA Client PCs co-operating in a Network Install do not require Partition Initialization.

The development environment will not allow a partition to be used by a PC until the mandatory Partition Initialization has been done. Partition initialization is automatically displayed when you first create or access a new partition.

You may use Partition Initialization to add or update options in an existing partition. For example, you may not have included the Visual LANSA Framework when the partition was first initialized. At a later date, you can select partition initialization again to add the Visual LANSA Framework to the partition.

You may select the following options:

4.4.1 Mandatory Partition Initialization

4.4.2 Visual LANSA Framework (VLF)

4.4.3 Include VLF WAM development support

4.4.4 WAM development

4.4.5 LANSA Client field and file definitions

4.4.6 Sample material

4.4.7 Show Last Log Button


When you have initialized a partition, you will be provided with a report, if any errors have occurred. Refer to 4.4.7 Show Last Log Button for further information.

When the first time a Partition Initialization is performed, the following dialog is displayed:

This dialog lists the codepages and CCSID that are used for multilingual text conversions. Principally this is used when exporting from IBM i to Windows and when using the Host Monitor, but it is also used when exporting from Windows to another Windows repository. Refer to Language Options for more information on this process.

The purpose of the dialog is to

a)  make you aware that LANSA has to make these mapping decisions and,

b)  precisely what decisions LANSA has made in assigning codepages and CCSID to each language.

It is only shown the very first time that a Partition Initialization is performed. If this dialog is not shown at that time then it is possible that a communications error has prevented the retrieval of the CCSID mappings from the server. In this case, an error message will have been added to the import log. To fix the problem, check the listener is started and look in the job logs on the server for further information. If the CCSID mappings were retrieved successfully you will find them in langmap.txt for each partition and language in the Installation Details tab of the Product Information which you open from the Visual LANSA Editor.

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