5.5 Check Out

Check out is used to copy the definition of an object that is currently stored in the LANSA for i Master Repository into a Visual LANSA Slave Repository.

You can check out an object as Read-only or for Update. In order to check out an object for update, you must have appropriate authority to access the object. (Refer to Using Task Tracking.)

To check out objects, you can use the Repository tab and right click on the object. The check out option will be displayed in the pop-up menu. You may select multiple items to check out.

In order to check out an object from the Master Repository, you must have a current list of the objects in the Master Repository. You can get this list by using 5.10 Refresh Master Object List or by using the LANSA Import.

Warning If you simply want to make a local copy of part or all of an application from the master repository, use export and import. It will be much quicker than using Check Out. Check Out processing has not been designed or optimized for this type of use.


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