5.6 Check In

Check in is used to put the definition of an object that has been created or modified by Visual LANSA into the LANSA for i Master Repository.

You can check in LANSA objects such as processes, functions, files, fields, components or variables. To check in objects, you can use the Repository tab and right click on the object. The check in option will be displayed in the pop-up menu.

As part of the 5.6.1 Check In Options for some objects, you can choose various check in and compile related options as appropriate for the selected objects.

When the object is checked in to the Master Repository, the status of the object locks is controlled by the LANSA for i system's task tracking settings and use of the Keep Locks option on the check in dialog. (Refer to Using Task Tracking.)

The locking check is enforced so that only the user who currently has the object locked is allowed to check in the object. This prevents two normal users, who are not security officers, from simultaneously checking in the same object to the Master. For example, two developers, Bob and John, are using a shared database on their Visual LANSA installations. They are working on the same partition in the database but using different tasks, *uTask1 and *uTask2. Bob creates a field under *uTask1. John can immediately see and open this field as read-only but cannot check it in until Bob releases the lock on the field by checking it in.

However, this rule only applies to normal users. Security officers can check in any objects and as such they should not be used as developer profiles.

An export list including any objects checked in can be automatically generated during the check in processing.

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