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1.3 How Do I Populate the Repository?

The contents of the Visual LANSA Repository are determined by the System Initialization and Partition Initialization. These actions are performed during the software installation and again each time you log on to Visual LANSA. For further information, refer to Logon Parameters in Visual LANSA Administration.

System initialization will import LANSA systems definition data into the repository along with user, security and other settings. Partition Initialization can import demonstration objects and objects used by LANSA products such as the Visual LANSA Framework. Other than these initialization objects, your Visual LANSA repository may have very few objects in it. As you begin development, you will add your own objects to the repository.

A Visual LANSA Slave repository can be populated from the LANSA for i Master System. Objects may be exported or checked out from the master. The objects may be copied as read only (i.e. the slave systems cannot change the object definition) or the objects may be checked out for update.

An Independent Visual LANSA System can import application objects from another LANSA system. Also, the LANSA Deployment Tool can be used move objects between LANSA Systems.

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