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3.18 Repository Tab

The Repository tab is used to maintain objects in the current repository and all the objects within the active development partition. 

The Repository tab can be displayed by pressing F8 or by using the View command on the ribbon.

Control over the appearance and location of the Repository tab is described in Setting up Your Workspace.

Repository Toolbar


Open selected object.
Refer to Editing Objects.

Delete from Repository

Delete selected object from the repository.
Refer to Delete Objects.


Compile selected executable object.
Refer to Compile Options. This gives selectable compile options.


Debug selected executable object.
Refer to Debugging Applications.


Execute selected executable object.
Refer to Executing Applications.

Change current view

Toggles the display of the Repository tab contents between alphabetic grouping, grouping in dropdown and all objects. Only applies when a specific object type (not the whole repository) is selected.


3. Standard Editor Tabs