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6. Debugging Applications


From the LANSA Editor you can debug Forms, Functions, Web Functions, WAMs or Web Pages running locally or on an IBM i or Windows Data/Application Server. The server can be a machine different from the one running the Development Environment.

From the LANSA editor you can:

The object you are debugging must be compiled first with the relevant debug option enabled. (Refer to  Compile Tab.) If you are making changes to the source code, make sure you have recompiled it to ensure that the latest changes are present.

When the source code is opened during a debug session, it can be edited. However, once you have completed editing the source code you should immediately terminate the debug session. Do not continue to use the debugger once the source code has been edited as your source code is no longer synchronized with the debug session.

You can view information about the code you are debugging by displaying additional debug tabs:

To display these tabs, use the Views command on the Home ribbon.

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6. Debugging Applications