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6.5 Run Parts of the Application

If you only know the general area of the code causing an error, you can use a breakpoint to isolate the problem area, and then use toolbar icons or function keys to step into IconStepInto (F8) and step over IconStepOver (Shift + F8) to view each statement.

IconStepInto Step Into  (F8)

Executes the current statement and breaks at the next line

You can use Step Into to execute code one statement at a time. After stepping through each statement, you can see its effects by looking at  the Variable window.

IconStepOver Step Over (Shift + F8)

Execute the procedure called by the current line and break at the line following the current line

Step Over is identical to Step Into except when the current statement contains a call to a procedure, Step Over executes this procedure as a unit and then steps to the next statement in the current procedure.

IconStepOutOf Step Out

Go back to the calling procedure. If you are using Step Into and have been moved to a called procedure, you can automatically run the current procedure, and return to the calling procedure.


6. Debugging Applications