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8.6 Keyboard Shortcuts

For most features, you can use Visual LANSA with or without a mouse. The keyboard can also be used to select items and actions within a window. The Screen and Report Designing facilities in Visual LANSA do need a mouse.

8.6.1 Keyboard

8.6.3 Move the cursor in the Source tab

8.6.4 Position the current line

8.6.5 Tag and comment lines

8.6.6 Collapse and expand code

8.6.7 Format text

8.6.8 Deletions

8.6.9 Copy, cut and paste

8.6.10 Help

8.6.11 Selection

8.6.12 Undo/Redo

8.6.13 Find and replace

8.6.14 Command Assistant Keystrokes

8.6.15 Menu editor

8.6.16 Select with the mouse

8. Editor Basics