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2.5.3 Functions Tab

The Functions tab lists the functions in the process. By clicking on a function, you open the Details tab, which allows you to specify how the function is to be used in this process. The Details tab provides the equivalent facilities to the Function Control Table in LANSA for i.

You can add a function using the Functions tab, but any other actions, such as changes or to delete a function must be performed within the Functions editing process.

To make adjustments to the sequence or the next function to be added, double-click the function in the Functions tab to open the Details tab. 

Add a function

Use the Add command to specify a function that is to be added to the process.

Double-click the function to display the Details tab and to define its source code.



This column shows whether the function is enabled for RDMLX.

Display on menu


This column shows whether the function is displayed on the program start dialog.



This column shows the order in which the functions are shown in the process menu.


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