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5.6.6 As Windows Application

Use the Windows Application option to execute the application entirely in Windows.  If the Prompt is selected then another dialog box is displayed which will allow you to choose or vary:

These options have exactly the same meaning as in the Exec… shortcuts in the LANSA folder on the Desktop. The only difference is that all the parameters that the development environment already knows about are not shown.

When OK is pressed, the application is executed, unless the dialog is displayed from the Editor, in which case the options chosen are saved for use when the Execute or Execute Debug option is selected on the Editor's toolbar. Note that the Debug value will be based on whether Execute or Execute Debug was selected, not on what was chosen in the last execution.

When the Prompt is not selected, the Prompt dialog is not shown and the application is executed as it was the last time. Note that edit boxes of the same name in different dialogs are saved with the same values. Therefore, if a function was executed in debug mode (debug value set to 'Y'), then a form was executed next, the Debug value would also be set to 'Y'.

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