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3.3 Check Out Tab

The Check Out tab shows the status of Check Out jobs and messages issued by the 3.3.2 Refresh Master Object List and Refresh of selected objects. Objects can be checked out using the context menu from the 3.18 Repository Tab.

The Check Out tab is only displayed if the Visual LANSA System Type is a slave system.

If you Check Out several objects from the master repository at the same time, this will create one Check Out job. To see details about the Check Out, display the 3.3.1 Check Out Details Dialog.

If it is not already started, the Host Monitor will be started automatically in the background when you Check Out objects.

Messages shown in red indicate an error, messages in brown indicate a warning.

Check Out Toolbar

View detailed messages

View the detailed messages for the selected check out job. Refer to 3.3.1 Check Out Details Dialog.

Remove job

Removes the job from the list and release the Windows resources

Delete all pending and complete jobs

Removes all pending jobs and completed job details


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