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2.6.4 External Resources


External Resources are selected from the Repository tab or Favorites tab. Expand the tree view or double-click External Resources to open the list of External Resources available for this partition.

External Resources provide you with the ability to enroll all resources associated with an application in the Repository. This makes it easier for you to package completed applications for deployment as well as to use external resources in your applications.

External resources include:

External Resource objects are stored internally within LANSA as BLOBs. They can be checked in and checked out, task tracked and deployed.

The Visual LANSA IDE detects when the physical file has changed so it can be re-saved, and it provides the ability to publish/recover files from the Repository to the file system.

External resources are used with VL-Web to ship:

Note that you External Resources are grouped by their location on disk default. Right-click to toggle Group by Location.

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