2.8.1 Create Server Modules

In Visual LANSA Web applications, server modules are used to access tables and manage secure access to the application. Server modules are also used to define Restful Web Services.

To create a server module use the New command.


Then choose the type of server module you want to create:

There are three different types of server module, all inherit from a primitive server module (#Prim_srvm).



Inherits from the primitive server module (#Prim_srvm).  RDMLX code for required functionality must be written from scratch.


A template generates code incorporating details of the table nominated when creating the server module. 

Standard operations used by a web application to access and modify the table data are provided including find, insert, save, update and delete.


A template generates restful API code based on the table(s) nominated when creating the server module. 

APIs are generated to support create, delete, get, and update requests.



New Base Server Module

New Application Server Module

New WEB API Server Module