4.4.3 Numbering Report Pages

LANSA allows up to 8 reports to be produced at any one time. All report definition commands have a FOR_REPORT parameter associated with them. This parameter defaults to 1 and is used to indicate which report the line definition is associated with. Any number in the range 1 -> 8 can be specified for this parameter.

In addition, each of the 8 allowable reports has a "special" field associated with it called REPnPAGE which can be used to print the page number on the report. The "n" indicates the report number with which the page number field is associated.

So, to expand the previous example to include a page number, all that is required is the following:


            #EXPEND #REVNU)




            #EXPEND #REVNU)







This would now produce a two  page report that looked something like the examples following.


       Company 01    Page    1                                   


       Division    Department   Expenditure   Revenue            

          1           ADM              400       576             

          1           MKT              678        56             

          1           SAL              123      6784             

          2           ADM               46        52             

          2           SAL              978       456             

          3           ACC              456       678             

          3           SAL              123       679             




       Company 02    Page    2                                   


       Division    Department   Expenditure   Revenue            

          1           ACC              843       400             

          1           MKT               23         0             

          1           SAL              876        10             

          2           ACC                0        43             




Note that REP1PAGE was used because, by default, report number 1 was used.