15.1 @@CLR_LST Command

The @@CLR_LST command is used to create/clear a specified list. 

NOTE: Before any command involving a list is used, the list must have already been created by an @@CLR_LST. It is suggested that all lists are cleared at the end of all application templates so that all work records will be deleted from the work file on completion of the application template.



  @@CLR_LST ------ NUMBER ---- number --------------------------| 






Specifies the list number to be created and/or cleared. This number may be a 1 or 2 character numeric or a 2 character index name. If it is an index name, then the current index value will be substituted in this command. Refer to the @@SET_IDX, @@INC_IDX, @@DEC_IDX, @@CMP_IDX commands for setting and using indexes.


The following examples apply to the @@CLR_LST command.

Example 1: Clear list number 1:



Example 2: Clear list indexed by index name "CF":