15.3 @@COMMENT Command

The @@COMMENT command is used to add a comment line to the RDML code generated by this application template.

The text for a comment may contain special variables for substitution.

Comments which apply to the application template itself are entered using SEU in the standard manner for comments in CL programs, i.e.



It is very important for application templates to be documented in this manner.



  @@COMMENT ------COMMENT ----- 'text' -------------------------| 

                              |         |                        

                              - 10 max -                          





Specifies the text for the comment to be added to the RDML code. This text may contain special variables (refer to the 15.22.5 Special Template Variable Notes on special variables for more details). The comment may be up to a maximum of 10 lines of 55 characters.


The following examples apply to the @@COMMENT command.

Example 1: Add a comment line containing the current date and time to the RDML code generated.

@@COMMENT COMMENT('Date - @@DATE    Time - @@TIME')


Example 2: Add a comment line containing the name of the file used in a FETCH command.

@@COMMENT  COMMENT('Fetch file @@FNAME01 details     ')


           FROM_FILE(@@FNAME01) +

           WITH_KEY(@@LST03) NOT_FOUND(R10) +