18.5.2 Using an Environment Variable

You can set system wide values for X_RUN parameters by setting up an environment variable called X_RUN.

For example, if you put this line into your CONFIG.SYS file:



you have indicated that unless specified on a command line (because it has a higher precedence), the LANG parameter should be English.




or, for Linux:

X_RUN="PRTR:lpt3 LANG:FRA"; export X_RUN 


sets up all X_RUN commands to have printer LPT3 and to use French (unless overridden by specific command line parameters).

Note: A colon (":") is used instead of the equal sign ("="). The parameter is specified as PRTR:LPT3 rather than PRTR=LPT3.

You must use the ":" format when using the SET command.

You may use either "=" or ":" format in the command line and profile file.