17.4.5 Submitting Jobs Across a Network

If an X_JOBQ.DAT file was set up like this:



where c: is the current PC's local hard drive and s: is a shared network drive, then it is easy to see how this facility can be extended to allow jobs to be submitted across a network.

If the current PC did a START x_run PROC=*STRJOBQ QNAM=QBATCH and the network file server PC did START x_run PROC=*STRJOBQ QNAM=QBNETW, then at any time a user of the local PC could elect to submit jobs locally (to queue QBATCH) or for execution on the network file server (to queue QBNETW).

Ideally the "submitting" PC and the "monitoring" PC should be using the same operating system and the same code page set. Failure to observe this guideline may lead to complexities in the exchanging of language-dependent character strings.

Where the submitting PC and monitoring PC may use different operating systems and/or code page sets, you should avoid designing applications that exchange (in any way at all) information that contains language-dependent character strings.

It is a requirement of this implementation that both the submitting and receiving PCs use identical system configurations in such things as partition definitions, supported languages, decimal points, date formats and so on.

Generally, in implementations like this, both the local PC and the network file server PC would have access to a common shared database as well.