7.56 EXEC_OS400

Note: Usage options

The EXEC_OS400 command is used to execute an IBM i operating system command from within an RDML or RDMLX program. Optionally fields from the function can be specified within the command and will be substituted with their values at execution time.

Portability Considerations

This command is only supported in RDMLX programs for compatibility with existing RDML code. As such, it only supports the substitution of RDML field values at execution time.

Use the SYSTEM_COMMAND Built-In Function as a better alternative for RDMLX programs.

Also See

7.56.1 EXEC_OS400 Parameters

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7.56.3 EXEC_OS400 Example



  EXEC_OS400   ----- COMMAND ------ 'AS/400 command' ---------->





               >-- IF_ERROR ----- *ABORT   ---------------------|