7.58 EXIT

Note: Usage options

The EXIT command is used to cause an executing RDML program to end and an immediate exit from LANSA to be performed. Note that the exit is from the entire LANSA system, not just from the current function / process.

Using the EXIT command is functionally identical to using the EXIT function key.

Optionally a message may be issued which will be routed back onto the program message queue of the program that initially invoked LANSA.

Also See

7.58.1 EXIT Parameters

7.58.2 EXIT Examples



  EXIT --------- MSGTXT --------*NONE -------------------------->

                                'message text'


             >-- MSGID -------- *NONE -------------------------->

                                message identifier


             >-- MSGF --------- *NONE -------------------------->

                                message file . library name


             >-- MSGDTA ------- substitution variables ---------|

                              | expandable group expression |

                               ---------- 20 max -----------