Connection Algorithm

When DBCL = 1, the connection algorithm is to Log on to the main database using the supplied User ID and Password (Using ODBC API SQLConnect). If the Log on fails, LANSA exits with a fatal error. Files in Other databases are logged on with the supplied connection information and if that fails, the user is prompted for further database connection information (Using ODBC API SQLDriverConnect).

When DBCL = 2, the database Log on goes through a number of default attempts to log on using various different parameters. An Imported table is essentially the same, except DBCF flags do not affect it and if none of the default connection methods work, it finally prompts for connection information from the user, as it does in LANSA V11.3.

It's important to note that specifying a DBCF flag doesn't alter the steps in the SQL Anywhere algorithm, but the behavior of each step may be changed if the DBCF flag has a higher precedence than the kind of connection being attempted in a particular step. For example, if CT_INTEGRATED_LOGON is set, then step 3 of the SQL Anywhere connection will behave the same as a trusted connection because trusted connection has a higher precedence than using User ID/Password (for precedences, refer to 18.4.2 DBCF Flags).

The DBCL = 2 algorithm is described for: