18.4.11 PROG Parameter

This parameter is provided so that the X_RUN.exe file can be renamed and still allow the SUBMIT command to work correctly. There is no other support for renaming X_RUN.exe, for example in the deployment tool. You will need to do this yourself using batch files and the like to rename files.

Providing a value for PROG only changes the behavior of the SUBMIT command when using the Process/Function variant. Instead of starting up X_RUN.exe, the value provided for PROG will be used instead. A full path, up to 256 characters, should be provided to ensure the correct executable is used.

PROG supports quoted values for providing paths that contain spaces and is passed on to submitted jobs.

Client applications will automatically use the name of the executable used to start them when submitting jobs. In effect, the PROG parameter is automatically initialized to the name of the current executable. It is only server applications that need the PROG parameter specified.