7.105 RETURN

Note: Usage options

The RETURN command is used to cause an executing subroutine or function to end and return control to the calling function or process. The calling function may be the function "mainline", another subroutine within the function or even another process altogether.

When a RETURN command is executed in the "mainline" of a function the current function (and the process to which it belongs) is ended and control is returned to the process or function that invoked it. See the CALL command for more details of how a process or function can be invoked from another function.

When a RETURN command is executed within a subroutine (see the SUBROUTINE command) control is returned to the command following the EXECUTE command that caused the subroutine to be invoked. The EXECUTE command may have been in either another subroutine or in the "mainline" of the function.

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  RETURN ------- no parameters ---------------------------------|