3.5 Access Routes

LANSA uses access routes to describe relationships between tables in a database. They provide information about the database map or schema that can be used by the LANSA development environment and other products. Access routes also support Predetermined Join Columns which are a special type of virtual column.

Access Route Definitions

3.5.1 Access Route Name

3.5.2 Access Route Description   

3.5.3 Accessed Table

3.5.4 Association Type

3.5.5 Association Rule

3.5.6 Documentation Only   

3.5.7 Maximum Records

3.5.8 Keep Last

3.5.9 Default Action

3.5.10 Derivation

3.5.11 Key Columns/Values

3.5.12 Key Column Details

3.5.13 Target Column Details

3.5.14 Key Position

Also See

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