3.7.12 IOM Required

Specify if an IOM is required for this file and its associated logical views.

The LANSA Repository details for files are included in Input/Output Modules. These modules are called I/O Modules (IOMs), or Object Access Modules (OAMs). IOMs are only used on the IBM i in partitions that are not enabled for RDMLX or where no OAM exists.

If NO (not checked/not selected), you must use the FUNCTION command with the OPTIONS parameter keyword (*DBOPTIMISE) in every RDML function that attempts to access this file/table or any of its associated indexes.

If the FUNCTION command is omitted from the RDML function, it will compile correctly, but will fail at execution time when it places a call to the non-existent OAM.

Default = YES (checked/selected).

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