3.12.8 Save table data

This option is only available when you have also selected the 3.12.7 Drop existing tables/indexes check box.

Select this option when you wish to have the existing data in the table(s) saved before the table is deleted and recreated during a LANSA table compile.

Using this option will result in all existing data being saved to a file named ffffffff.DAT (where ffffffff is the table name) in the partition directory X_LANSA_ppp (where ppp is the partition identifier) in delimited ASCII format.

Format of the data file is:

column 1 data, column 2 data, column 3 data,

This format applies to every row in the table.

All alphanumeric data is delimited by double quotes(").

It is your responsibility to restore any data back into the table using the data saved in the ffffffff.DAT file. You may also use the 3.12.9 Reload table data.