3.14.5 Reloading Tables

If third party tables change for any reason, it is necessary to reload the definition. If this is not done, the existing Object Access Module for the table will not match the definition. This may lead to data corruption and run time errors, depending on the nature of the change.

As with the initial load, LANSA will try to ensure that the generated Tables and Fields remain faithful to the source definitions.

However, reloading definitions can lead to complications, and while most scenarios result in a predictable outcome there are those for which only direct user input can determine the best course of action.

Load and Reload Issues

In the event of naming clashes and column definition changes, LANSA will do its best to produce the best outcome.

To help you understand what's happening with a load, messages are displayed below the item when the transform has changed something, and in addition, a Status column displays additional information.