11. LANSA RDML Extended Library

LANSA RDML Extended Library provides various functions that are required in common situations (such as making an HTTP request), but haven't made their way to the core LANSA RDML Language. The majority of the functionality included in this library is the result of enhancement requests. Some of the features here may eventually be added to the core LANSA RDML Language.

11.1 XPRIM_Binary

11.2 XPRIM_Crypto_Hash

11.3 XPRIM_Crypto_HMAC

11.4 XPRIM_HttpRequest

11.5 XPRIM_HttpRequestOptions

11.6 XPRIM_HttpContent

11.7 XPRIM_HttpResponse

11.8 XPRIM_HttpContentInfo

11.9 XPRIM_ErrorInfo (and XPRIM_HttpResponseReadContentStatus)   

11.10 XPRIM_UriBuilder

11.11 XPRIM_JsonElement

11.12 XPRIM_JsonObject

11.13 XPRIM_JsonArray

11.14 XPRIM_RandomAccessJsonReader

11.15 XPRIM_JsonWriter

11.16 XPRIM_JsonReader

11.17 XPRIM_File

11.18 XPRIM_Directory

11.19 XPRIM_OSUtil