5.5 Webroutine Service Name

A WAM's webroutine can uniquely either be identified by its name and the name of the WAM it belongs to. It can also be uniquely identified by one name, called the Service Name.

When launching a webroutine in a browser use the following URL:

http://localhost/cgi-bin/lansaweb?webapp=<WAM name>+webrtn=<WEBROUTINE name>+ml=<TS name>+part=<PARTITION name>+lang=<LANGUAGE name>

If a service name has been associated with a Webroutine, the unique service name can be specified:

http://localhost/cgi-bin/lansaweb?srve=<Service name>+ml=<TS name>+part=<PARTITION name>+lang=<LANGUAGE name>

The Service Name has to be unique in the partition it is used in.

Using a WEBROUTINE Service Name provides greater flexibility when deploying WAM applications. For example, it allows applications to be re-deployed to a different Partition, WAM or WEBROUTINE without having to modify any external URL references to it.