Define Built In Functions with a Visual Studio Wizard

LANSA provides a Visual Studio Wizard to generate the project files and setup the compile options for your user defined BIF so that all you need to do is write the C code.

The primary environment supported for the Wizard is Visual Studio 2010 and Visual LANSA 13.2 and later. LANSA itself is built with Visual Studio 2010. So it is best to use the same compiler so that the same Visual Studio runtime is used.

The installation instructions are documented in:
Install the Wizard

The steps to create a project are documented in:
Create a Visual Studio Project based on the Wizard

This template may be used with later Visual Studio versions. There are changes required which are documented in:
Support for Visual Studio 2012 and later.

This template should be usable with Visual LANSA 12.0 and later, but it has not been tested. There is one known change that is required to the lansax property sheet as documented in Modify DLL Version Information. If the generated project compiles without error, it is supported. Otherwise it is not. See also Support in Visual LANSA 13.0 and earlier.