8.1.1 Referring to Property Values

When you refer to property values and event names you must always qualify them by the name of the component they belong to.

You can assign the value of a property to another component. For instance this statement assigns the value of the Level property of the current item in a tree view to a field called #level.

Change #LEVEL  #Trvw_1.CurrentItem.Level

Often in your code you want to test the value of a property. You do this using the IF statement where the condition is specified using the property name qualified by the name of the component, a standard operator and the value of the property:

IF COND('#rdbn_3.ButtonChecked *eq True')
   Set Com(#SPOUSE #MARRIED #DIVORCED) Enabled(true)

Or similarly:

IF COND('#lvcl_1.SortDirection *eq Ascending')
    Set Com(#lvcl_1) SortDirection(Descending)