8.2 Function Libraries

An alternative way of using Intrinsic Functions is to import function libraries. Function Libraries are a component that contains a set of routines defined using the MthRoutine command. These function library routines can be used in expressions.

There are function libraries for the following:





date and time





For string, number, date and time, using Intrinsic Functions is simpler than using a function library.

To handle objects of type *VARIANT, you need to use the variant function library #PRIM_LIBV. (Refer to 8.3 Variant Handling.)

When using function library methods the syntax is different.

For example the Uppercase method:


is specified as:

Uppercase( Subject )

Function libraries are introduced into an RDMLX object by the IMPORT command which is specified immediately after the FUNCTION statement. For example:

Function Options(*DIRECT)
* Import the variant library #prim_libv.
Import Libraries(#PRIM_LIBV)

Once a Function library has been imported, the routines defined in the library can be used in expressions.