7.129.1 WEB_MAP Parameters





The FOR parameter may have one of the following values:


Incoming data


Outgoing data


Both incoming and outgoing data


Neither incoming nor outgoing data, used to declare session state.


If an attribute is not specified, a default of *INPUT is assumed.

When a FOR(*NONE) declaration is used, the declared fields and lists will not be mapped in or out of WEBROUTINEs. If OPTIONS(*PERSIST) is specified with FOR(*NONE), the values of the fields and lists so declared will be maintained as part of session data. Declaring fields and lists this way at the WAM level (that is, after BEGIN_COM) will make the values of those fields and lists available for all WEBROUTINEs in the WAM and will be maintained as part of session data (that is, spanning multiple WEBROUTINE executions).


Specifies the names of the field(s) or names of the lists which are used in the WEB_MAP.

All fields nominated in this parameter can be defined in the LANSA Repository or via a DEFINE FIELD command in the WAM.

Fields may have the following attributes assigned to them:


The OPTIONS parameter may have the following values:


Declares that fields and lists are to retain or persist data so that it is available across WEBROUTINE executions for the duration of a Web session



In addition to declaring an OPTIONS(*PERSIST), the WEBROUTINE needs to have an initial SessionStatus set to Active. This is done by, either setting it for the WAM or by setting OnEntry(*SessionStatus_Active) keyword for individual WEBROUTINE. By setting SessionStatus to Active, in this way, ensures that the WEBROUTINE will load the session state before it starts execution.