Note: Usage options

The ENDPRINT command is used to end (close) a printer file that was previously opened by a PRINT or UPRINT command and cause a message to be issued that indicates how many pages were printed into the report.

If a printer file is opened by a PRINT or UPRINT command and no ENDPRINT command is present in the RDML program it will be automatically closed when the function ends.

If an ENDPRINT command is executed against a report that has never been opened it is ignored.

Portability Considerations

When associated with a UPRINT command, a build warning will be generated if used in Visual LANSA code. An error will occur at execution time. Code using this facility can be conditioned so that it is not executed in this environment.

Fully supported when associated with any other report command (e.g. PRINT, SKIP, SPACE).

Also See

7.48.1 ENDPRINT Parameters

7.48.2 ENDPRINT Examples



  ENDPRINT ----- REPORT_NUM ---- 1 ----------------------------->

                                 report number 1 -> 8


             >-- IO_STATUS ---- *STATUS ------------------------>

                                field name


             >-- IO_ERROR ----- *ABORT -------------------------|