7.100 PRINT

Note: Usage options

The PRINT command is used to either test the "trigger" of all break lines and/or print one or more detail lines.

Break lines (see DEF_BREAK command) are printed only when their associated "trigger" has been satisfied and thus it is necessary to cause LANSA to check the "trigger" values at the appropriate time. If their "trigger" has been satisfied the break line(s) will be printed.

Detail lines (see DEF_LINE command) are not printed automatically or "triggered" like break lines (see DEF_BREAK command), heading lines (see DEF_HEAD command) or foot lines (see DEF_FOOT command). To print a detail line you must request that it be printed by executing a PRINT command.

Review Producing Reports Using LANSA before attempting to use a PRINT command.

Also See

7.100.1 PRINT Parameters

7.100.2 PRINT Examples



  PRINT -------- LINE --------- *BREAKS ------------------------>

                                list of DEF_LINE group names

                                |                          |

                                 ---------- 20 max --------


             >-- ON_REPORT ---- 1 ------------------------------|

                                report number 1 -> 8