RDML Commands by Group

The following commands make up the complete LANSA RDML/X programming language. The hyperlink from the command column will take you to the Command's details. The columns show you where each command can be used.

They are grouped in use-for groupings to make it easier for you to locate the command you are looking for.

Conditional Commands

Component Commands     

Database Commands

Declaration Commands

Function Commands

IBM  i 5250 Commands

List Commands

Loop Commands

Miscellaneous Commands     

Report Commands

SubRoutine Commands

Validation Commands

WAM Commands

Web Commands

Deprecated Commands

Notes in Command Tables

1   Column headings:
     RDML indicates Functions
     RDMLX indicates Forms, Functions, OAMs (code fragments), Reusable Parts, Server Modules, WAMs, Web Pages
     VL Web Client indicates Web Pages or Reusable Parts that execute in a web browser

2   Available for deprecated web technology

3   Overlay not supported

4   Array of fields only

5   For working list processing only

6   Allowed for RDMLX functions, but not components

7   Depends on whether the built-in function is supported in that environment

8   Cannot be sensibly or predictably used in components or RDMLX functions

9   Can be used for RDMLX functions or in WAM components only

10  Deprecated for new usage but supported for existing usage