18.4.5 FXQX Parameters

FXQF Parameter

When you have installed a set of *.XQ* flat read-only repository files into a Visual LANSA environment you can force them to be used by specifying the parameter FXQF=*ALL. Normally use of the read-only tables only occurs when the DBII= (Database Internal Identifier) parameter is set to *NONE. In some situations you may need to have DBII=LX_LANSA (for example) so that access to internal tables such as LX_FOL (Object Locks), LX_DTA (Data Area Emulation) and LX_F80 (Saved Lists) is still possible. You can do this by using the combination of parameters DBII=LX_LANSA and FXQF=*ALL thus gaining access to internal non-static repository tables and also forcing the high performance *.XQ* read only repository tables to be used.

FXQM Parameter

When flat, read-only repository files are being used because parameter DBII=*NONE or because parameter FXQF=*ALL is being used, then the logic to read information from the flat tables is optimized to keep as many flat files open as possible. In some situations the operating system may limit how many flat files can be concurrently open. Use this parameter to control the maximum number of flat files that are kept concurrently open. If you do not specify this parameter it defaults to 60. Otherwise set it to a value in the range 4 to 256. If you receive an error message indicating that the FXQM parameter needs to be reduced try setting it to FXQM=59, then FXQM=58, etc., until the message is no longer issued.

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