18.4.17 WPxx - Windows Printing Extensions

Visual LANSA supports extended printing options in Windows 32 bit environments.

Extended options are enabled and controlled by the WPxx=  parameters on the X_RUN command.  The WP component of the parameter name, identifies the parameter as being related to Windows Printing.

WPxx= parameters, like most X_RUN parameters, can be permanently set by using a profile file or an environment variable.  Refer to 18.5 Permanently Specify X_RUN Parameters for more details of how parameters can be permanently set. 

The parameters used to enable and control Windows Printing are:

WPEN (Windows Printing Enabled)

WPPN (Windows Printing Printer Name)

WPPS (Windows Printing Setup File)

WPPD (Windows Printing Print Dialog)

WPFD (Windows Printing Font Dialog)

WPDF (Windows Printing Default Font)

WPDS (Windows Printing Default Font Size)

WPFO (Windows Printing Fixed Pitch Only)

WPAS (Windows Printing Automatic Stretching)


Should you have problems with printing, try the Questions and Answers to see if the solution has been provided.