15.6 @@GOTO Command

The @@GOTO command is used to pass control to a command label. The command label nominated must be associated with another command within the application template.



  @@GOTO -----LABEL------ command label ---------------------|    





specifies the label of the command which will receive control. The label specified in this parameter must be the label of one and only one other command in the application template.


The following example applies to the @@GOTO command.

If none of a set of conditions is met then branch to a label:

        @@IF     COND((*IF @@CANS001 *EQ A)) GOTO(LB1)

        @@IF     COND((*IF @@CANS001 *EQ B)) GOTO(LB2)

        @@GOTO   LABEL(LB3)



LB1:    @@LABEL


LB2:    @@LABEL


LB3:    @@LABEL