15.9 @@LABEL Command

The @@LABEL command is used in conjunction with the other application template commands and specifies a label used to control the execution of application template commands and/or the generation of RDML code.

Refer to the @@IF, @@GOTO, @@CMP_IDX, etc. commands for more details and examples of this command.



  @@LABEL ------ no parameters ---------------------------------| 




The following example applies to the @@LABEL command.

Example 1: If the answer to a question is "NO" then branch to a label to bypass generating some RDML code.

     @@IF     COND((*IF @@CANS001 *EQ NO)) GOTO(LB1)

     Some RDML code






Example 2: If index value is greater than the highest file number selected, then finish building list of fields.

A10: @@LABEL


     @@RTV_FLDS .....

     @@INC_IDX  .....

     @@GOTO     LABEL(A10)

A20: @@LABEL