15. Template Commands and Variables

See also 15.22 Tips for Template Programming

15.1 @@CLR_LST Command

Clears a working list

15.2 @@CMP_IDX Command

Compares an index value

15.3 @@COMMENT Command

Adds a comment line to the generated RDML code

15.4 @@DEC_IDX Command

Decreases an index value

15.5 @@GET_FILS Command

Gets the files to be used in this template

15.6 @@GOTO Command

Passes control to a label

15.7 @@IF Command

Tests a condition and pass control to a label

15.8 @@INC_IDX Command

Increases an index value

15.9 @@LABEL Command

A label which is the subject of another command

15.10 @@MAK_LSTS Command

Makes a list of selected fields from another list(s)

15.11 @@MRG_LSTS Command

Merges a list(s) with another list(s)

15.12 @@QUESTION Command

Asks a question and receives a reply

15.13 @@RTV_FLDS Command

Retrieves the fields in a file

15.14 @@RTV_KEYS Command

Retrieves the keys of a file

15.15 @@RTV_RELN Command

Retrieves the relationship between two files

15.16 @@SET_IDX Command

Sets an index value


15.17 General Template Variables

15.18 Question and Answer Template Variables

15.19 File Template Variables

15.20 List Template Variables

15.21 Template Error Messages

Application Template Program Examples in the Visual LANSA Developer Guide.