Note: Usage options

The FUNCTION command is used to specify certain compilation options that affect the way an RDML program is generated and thus the way it behaves when it is actually being executed.

By specifying certain values with this command, the behavior of an RDML function can often be altered to produce better performance characteristics in a specific operating environment.

Portability Considerations

Note Visual LANSA considerations in this command's parameters.

Also See

7.63.1 FUNCTION Parameters

7.63.2 FUNCTION Examples



  FUNCTION ----- OPTIONS ------ function control option -------->
























                                    |            |

                                     --- 9 max --


             >-- RCV_DS ------- data structure names ----------->

                                |                   |

                                 ------ 20 max -----


             >-- RCV_LIST ----- working list names ------------->

                                |                   |

                                 ------ 20 max -----


             >-- TRIGGER ------ *NONE  ----- name --------------|