17.4.7 Encrypting the Job Queue Details

To switch this feature on it's a simple matter of starting the Job Queue with the parameter QENC=Y. Once its started you submit jobs exactly the same way as when encryption is not being used.

LANSA does not warrant the effectiveness or otherwise of any of the cipher algorithms in the Open SSL library. You should perform your own due diligence before using any part of LANSA which makes use of the ciphers. A suggested starting place is the book Network Security with Open SSL by John Viega et al, published by O'Reilly. The ciphers made available by LANSA are as follows:
AES 256, Blowfish 128, CAST5 128, DES 64, DESX 192, Triple DES 2 Key, Triple DES 3 Key, IDEA, RC2(TM) and RC4(TM). There may also be patents current for some of these ciphers. It is up to you to ensure their usage does not contravene any patents. LANSA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any contravention of patents.

Technical Details


Job Queue Monitor




1. Generate key pair.

2. Output public key to <named symmetric cipher>.der e.g. aes-256-cbc.der.

6. Read the data file.

7. Decrypt using in-memory private key (RSA asymmetric cipher) and clients Session Key (named symmetric cipher).






3. Read public key (RSA).

4. Generate Session Key for use with named symmetric cipher provided by server.

5. Create the data file, encrypting with appropriate keys.

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