1.5 Field Help Text

HELP text is information that is displayed to the user when the LANSA application requests help (using the HELP key or equivalent request). Help text for fields is stored in the LANSA Repository. This help text is automatically available as field level context sensitive help text when a field is displayed on a screen.  Help text can be entered for each language specified in the partition.

Generally HELP text has the following characteristics:

LANSA automatically controls the handling of the HELP processing in applications. LANSA will automatically determine the type of HELP that is required (field, component, process or function) and automatically display the associated HELP text (if any exists).

LANSA can dynamically, and in the correct language, create the HELP text associated with a field from the repository and the rules that it contains. You can turn off this automatic field level help text feature: globally, by field, or precede it with your own HELP text.

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