4.3.5 Enable Components for RDMLX

This option is only available in an RDMLX-Enabled Partition.

Once you select this option, the code in the component will be evaluated using the RDMLX Language Features. Errors, if any, must be corrected before you will be able to enable it for RDMLX

The default value for this option is controlled in the RDMLX Partition Settings.

A message will be displayed when the component is saved unless the Visual LANSA environment settings have been set to NO. In this case, user confirmation is required.

To change an existing RDML Component to an RDMLX Component, open the component in the Visual LANSA Editor, choose the File menu and select the Enable for RDMLX option.

If a component is enabled for RDMLX, it means that it can use RDMLX objects such as fields and tables.

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