13.4.3 Field Display Attributes




Allow to be blank.


Mandatory entry check required.


Mandatory fill check required.


Modulus 10 check required.


Modulus 11 check required.


Valid name check required.


Field exit key required.


Lowercase entry allowed. If this attribute is NOT specified, refer to PC Locale uppercasing requested in Review or Change a Partition's Multilingual Attributes in the LANSA for i User Guide.








Right adjust and blank fill.


Right adjust and zero fill.


Move cursor right to left.


Tab cursor right/left top/bottom. Valid in SAA/CUA partitions only. Affects all screen panels in function.


Display with color green.




Display with color white.




Display with color red.


Display with color turquoise.




Display with color yellow.




Display with color pink.




Display with color blue.




Display blinking.


Display with column separators.


Display in high intensity.


Non-display (hidden field).


Auto record advance field


Store in reversed format. This special attribute is provided for bi-directional languages and is not applicable in this context.


Store in binary format. This special attribute is provided for repository fields & is not applicable in this context.



Display field #A in blue, #B in green and allow field #C to be entered in lowercase characters: